About 2 Hippies Vintage

 We're Jeffrey and Suzanne. We've known one another for 40 years, and after a long time apart, decided to switch things up and get married.  It's going pretty well!  We're both hippy geeks, bound and determined to enjoy the rest of our lives pickin' and grinnin' together. 

While we continue our search for the perfect place to display our inventory, we are currently all online. 

We're based in Wabash, Indiana.  If you are
in the Northern Indiana / Chicago / Indy area and find yourself searching for a vintage beauty or have a certain something you collect, please message us. We'll begin to search. (We're dorks that way.) 

If you see something on our page, our website, or Etsy that speaks to you and you're local to us, let's meet. We'll show you what we have, save you the shipping and make your day!

In the meantime....