Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Locket Pendant Antique Jewelry
Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Locket Pendant Antique Jewelry
Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Locket Pendant Antique Jewelry
Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Locket Pendant Antique Jewelry

Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Locket Pendant Antique Jewelry

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Charming antique mid-1800s gold filled hair pendant. The beautiful antique fob, features a solid piece of clear glass, which lovingly protects the woven hair on the front and back. The pendant is wonderfully detailed. An amazing and sentimental piece, that may have been worn during mourning or perhaps as a sweet sentiment.

ERA- Mid 1800s, Victorian era

METAL / MATERIAL - Pendant tests around 9k gold filled.


Almost 1.5 across. The glass could be removed and cleaned. We'll let you do that. Otherwise in amazingly beautiful condition for something probably over 150 years old.

From an article in National Geographic...."Hair jewelry and wreaths were a way to show your connection to someone who had died, but they could also be a way to show your connection to a living friend, child, or spouse. “Women of the 19th century would swap locks of hair as a love token the way young girls today might wear friendship bracelets,” says Bachmann. In the same way, a mother might frame her child’s first haircut, or wear some of it as jewelry."
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