Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)
Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)
Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)
Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)
Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)

Vintage Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl Blue Willow by ROYAL (USA)

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BLUE WILLOW is the the most famous & most popular china pattern ever produced. It seems as if everyone's grandmother had at least a piece or two....Thomas Turner is said to have introduced the famous design in about 1780. The traditional willow design always features a large beautiful Chinese home with willow tree, small bridge with 3 figures, a humble servants house at the foot of the bridge, a small Chinese boat & of course the famous love birds above the willow tree. The romantic lore of the design could have added to it's popularity over the years. The Legend of Blue Willow: Long ago, in the days when China was ruled by emperors, a Chinese mandarin, Tso Ling, lived in the magnificent pagoda under the branches of the apple tree on the right of the bridge, over which droops the famous willow tree, and in front of which is seen the graceful lines of the fence. Tso Ling was the father of a beautiful girl, Kwang-se, who was the promised bride of an old but wealthy merchant. The girl, however, fell in love with Chang, her father’s clerk. The lovers eloped across the sea to the cottage on the island. The mandarin pursued and caught the lovers and was about to have them killed when the gods transformed them into a pair of turtle doves. These are seen gazing into each other’s eyes at the top of the design. A lengthy and old Staffordshire poem of the pattern concludes with the verse: "In the oft quoted plate two birds are perceived, High in the heaven above: These are the spirits of Chang and Kwang-se, A twin pair of ever in love".

Product Information:
Width: 5 5/8 in
Crafted in USA


Finish is beautiful. Very shiny and unused. We bought these with most of a set of china that was never removed from the gift box in the 1950s.
Mark dates this pattern from 1930-1950, per the book "Blue WIllow / An Identification and Value Guide" by Mary Frank Gaston.

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